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Fitness Stretch Yoga Belt Fitness Stretch Yoga Belt Fitness Stretch Yoga Belt Fitness Stretch Yoga Belt
Product name : Fitness Stretch Yoga Belt
Product No. : SH-YGB-01
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 Product description
This fitness band/resistance band/Stretch Bands  offer variable resistance levels that allow you to stretch, strengthen, and tone your muscles with the included exercises. Each band  features durable/ECO friendly TPE construction that offers a smooth and consistent stretch. Each band is color coded for ease of use. The yellow band offers the lowest resistance. The red band offers medium resistance.These resistance bands are lightweight and highly portable.
1. Resistance band are made of TPE, different from traditional fitness equipment
2. They look elegant, safe to use, easy to carry, and super anti-aging and anti-fatigue capability, Small, economic
3. suitable for power training and suitable for solo or do exercise with partner, at home or our door.
4. Well and high quality control and competitive Prices
5. Customer's designs and Logos are welcome
6. Widely used in exercise sports high tensile strength and durable, offer a smooth consistent stretch, provide both positive and negative force on the muscles to improve strength, help you shape and tone both your upper and lower body
7. Different resistance levels available varying from different size and thickness;
Item: TPE yoga elastic band
Material: TPE Eco-friendly Material
Color: red ,yellow ,pink  or customized color
Size: 150cm*15cm*0.04cor customized size
  1. Each in poly bag or color box
  2. Carton size: 45x33x20cm

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